Lone Star PTA is Happy to Provide the Students with a Supply Cart in the mornings before classes start. The Cart provides children with School Supplies such as pencils, erasers, note pads. But also gives the kids a chance to buy goodies that make their day a little more fun. Items on the cart range from .25 to $2.00, with the exception of Lone Star Panther T-Shirts & Yearbooks (when available). The Children look forward to seeing the Goody Cart and using their hard earned allowances, birthday money or reward money to purchase their very own goodies.

NEW ARRIVAL to Lone Star... Disney Pins!



Kids will love to Earn them, Purchase them and Give as Gifts!!
Students can attach these Spirit Sticks to their Zipper Pulls on Back-Packs, Purses, Jackets, Lunch Boxes!
Teachers & PTA will be giving Spirit Sticks as Rewards and Incentives to Students for Good Grades, Great Conduct, Attendance and So On....
During the Holidays Kids will have the Opportunity to Send them to their Friends & Teachers in Boo Grahams, Jingle Grahams, and Valentines.
Spirit Sticks will also be Available to Purchase from the PTA Goody Cart in the Mornings before Classes begin.
Spirit Sticks will be $1.00
Don't Wait to Purchase a Special Spirit Stick... They will be Constantly Changing with Limited Editions & Quantities