Volunteering is very important - our events cannot happen without folks willing to volunteer their time.
We are all busy, some of us have jobs that demand much of our time, as well as after-school activities, and that ever-popular “family time” we keep hearing so much about. However, we encourage you to volunteer your time and be a bigger part of the PTA. The fact of the matter is; our kids love having us at school – it’s a special experience for them. Our teachers love having us at school – it’s an opportunity for them to have an extra hand. And we love having you at school, and at our events – when more folks come together to do a common work, and we can all apply our talents in various ways, we can provide our students with a great experience and spread the workload among several instead of among just a few.
 The PTA isn’t a club, and you won’t be turned away just because you have a job, have many appointments, or can’t be at every single event. Nobody can! That’s why I want to encourage us all to work TOGETHER – because we are an Association – a team, first and foremost. Please let us know if you’re willing to volunteer. We really appreciate your consideration.
If you would like to volunteer, you are required to register with the School Board.  This is a quick and painless process and just requires you to fill out a form and wait to be approved.  Please follow the link below to complete your background check.
Click here to Volunteer!